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Sunset Overdrive_news_screen2

Go Into Zombie Overdrive with Insomniac’s New Exclusive

Posted  June 11, 2013  by  Jordan Marciniak

Insomniac Games are usually one of Sony’s close friends when it comes to game development but Sunset Overdrive, their newest zombie killing co-op creation, is an Xbox One exclusive. This is pretty strange, as you would have thought that with their previous work with Sony and the recent praise the hardware giants have received, that [...]

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Xbox One

Xbox One Launches This November

Posted  June 11, 2013  by  Sam Coleman

Microsoft have announced a series of limited offers for people wishing to pick up an Xbox One on release. A commemorative bundle is available to be reserved which will come with a limited edition controller and a unique ‘Day One’ achievement, tying into the Xbox One’s new achievement system. Following Microsoft’s E3 press conference, four [...]

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Game Charts

UK Games Chart : 08.06.13 – Drift 2 Holds Pole Position

Posted  June 11, 2013  by  Kyle Hearse

Not much change this week as Drift 2 holds it’s number one spot at the top alongside the trusty football sim Fifa 13. New comer, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim legendary makes it’s début at the number 4 slot, knocking Far Cry 3 down a peg! New third person action game Remember Me also remembers to [...]

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Ryse Son of Rome screenshot 4

Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Reveal

Posted  June 11, 2013  by  Terry Gallivan

Coming fresh from Microsoft’s press conference at E3, Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome presents a cinematic recreation of the Roman Empire, her people, conflicts and landscapes in a graphical benchmark for the next generation of consoles on the Xbox One. Looking at the gameplay demo it can be seen straight away the graphical power of [...]

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare_news_screenshot2

Garden Warfare Swaps Weed Killer for Killer Weeds

Posted  June 10, 2013  by  James Delli-Bovi

We all knew the sequel was coming but who thought it would be thrown into 3D? PopCap Games, now a division of Electronic Arts, have announced that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will launch in spring 2014 exclusively first on Xbox One with additional formats to follow. Powered by the advanced Frostbite 3 engine, Garden [...]

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